Becoming a True Champion

Achieving the IMPOSSIBLE…it’s all up to YOU.
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The moment you become complacent (satisfied) with your level of performance is also

the exact moment you have forgotten where you were going.”

Are you tired of the same old thing?

Hi, my name is Kirk Mango.

That quote above is a small piece of what this website and my book Becoming a True Champion has in store for you. I’ve spent my life as an athlete, a teacher, and coach, striving to teach others how to reach their true potential―how to become champions. One thing is for sure, it always starts and ends with you. My book, blog and the community on this site are all about helping you accomplish your dreams while blocking out those influences and excuses that keep you from achieving what you want. Whether you want to reach certain athletic goals, be inspired, compete at higher levels or simply improve, it’s time for you to become the best you can be!

Becoming a True Champion

Through relevant examples, inspiring stories, and a personalized approach, this book shows athletes how to avoid the many pitfalls, and overcome the inevitable obstacles, so common in today's sports culture.

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