Selection of Mango’s Statements & Beliefs

Champions—and championship teams—are made, not born. They use their God-given talents to reach their full potential and allow nothing to come between where they are now and where they want to be.

Champions understand and believe that their limitations are governed only by their imagination…


Improving the quality of your practice is all about thinking outside the box through increasing what you expect from yourself. Expect to learn and improve on today what you could not perform yesterday. Expect to perfect what you practice and expect the absolute best from yourself when you train—nothing less…


When individuals base their feelings, opinions, choices, or decisions only on what others believe to be true, normal, good, right or wrong, without giving any critical thought to their real value, then they themselves forfeit much of their own individuality and in turn join the ranks of mediocrity. Even though people may think of themselves as individuals making unique decisions when they simply adopt certain behavior demonstrated by their peers, in reality each becomes just another small fish in a big sea of insignificance…

Mango believes that true success or being a “winner” should not really be measured by the gold, silver, or bronze medal around your neck, but rather by the willingness, determination, sacrifice, and heart you apply in the process of your achievement. Those medals are just the outcome of this process.

Champions understand and believe that their limitations are governed only by their imagination…

All real success and achievement result from your own choices, not those of others who may try to make your choices for you.

Big dreamers don’t always accomplish big things; however, big accomplishments always come from big dreams.

Athletic achievement attained through the unfair advantage of performance-enhancing drugs is simply not real achievement.

The Code of a True Champion

I will:

1. Consistently, and without reservation, strive to reach my full potential.

2. Be committed and disciplined in my approach.

3. Take personal responsibility, and any action necessary, to achieve team and individual goals.

4. Demonstrate a deep desire to succeed, applying passion and heart to any and every task at hand.

5. Show an impeccable and relentless work ethic that only true dedication provides.

6. Set priorities, and make the required sacrifices, that enhance the chances for athletic success.

7. Persevere through adversity with a positive attitude and concentration that strives toward excellence and mastery.

8. Establish a mind-set that highly encourages the belief and confidence that one can accomplish anything, if they are so willing.

9. Apply a training and competitive focus that creates the opportunity to transform the impossible into the possible.

. . . All set on a foundation of strong character and integrity that beseeches one to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do.

And so, you may ask, “Why follow a code of such high standard?”

  • Because I believe I can make a difference.
  • And because I believe it,
  • Then it is something I should do.
  • Because it is something I should do,
  • Then it is something I will do.

So I toil and sweat both through the good days and the bad:

  • Chipping away at any weakness that following the code may reveal within,
  • Creating inspiration from athletic experiences of days gone by,
  • From future experiences that have yet to occur,
  • And from those who may someday attempt to walk the same path—
  • Never giving up,
  • Never giving in,
  • And never swaying—but for a moment—from the Code of a True Champion.

Again, one might ask, “Why?”

Simply—Because I can!

Download the Code of A True Champion

Are you ready to make a real commitment to yourself for working toward being the very best that you can be? If so, then download The Code of a True Champion contract below, print it, sign it, and even have it witnessed by someone you know to add some authenticity to your commitment. Feel free to frame it and keep it as a reminder of the pledge you have made to yourself.

Code Of A True Champion

More Mango Inspiration

It’s typical for one to take the easier path; it is human nature. Yet…NOTHING worthwhile was ever gained or achieved without difficulty…without challenge…without seemingly insurmountable odds…it just doesn’t happen. So…take the better, harder, more rewarding path…the one less traveled…for in this direction one’s dreams become reality…it is where one’s true destiny lies.

VISION…It is where one aspires to be…a point in the future where dreams become reality. But where must one look to find THEIR vision? You must look beyond where the best perform…past what they dream of…beyond where most can see…even outside the realm of possibility. For it is here where a True Champion creates THE vision for their DESTINY.

Happiness and success are not determined by the size of your bank account, position you hold, fame you’ve gained, or “things” you own…it is measured through your ability to willingly face adversity and tackle challenge, overcoming obstacles that stand before you. It is in this endeavor where you find inner peace and fulfillment.

The CDSPH Principle… Five Letters That Spell Success

Commitment     Discipline     Sacrifice     Priorities     Heart

One key to success will always be learning to bounce back from apparent failure, and/or unfairness of life, and create for yourself the opportunity to succeed no matter what cards you’ve been dealt.

LEARN from the past for it is through this we gain WISDOM…

LIVE in the present for once it passes it’s gone FOREVER…

PLAN for the future for it is this piece that creates OPPORTUNITY.

Winning only tells one where they ARE. It is our losses, or some might say failures, that help create our story, for it demonstrates where one has yet to go, what one has left to learn/accomplish. They inspire us to dream bigger, reach higher, expect more. No one EVER truly “wins,” or becomes a champion, without losing …they are the Yin & Yang within the process.

Is GREATNESS in you? The answer lies within your eyes as they are the window to your soul; a place where one’s depth of HEART & PASSION lie. Everything starts THERE. So…is GREATNESS in you…do you have what it takes? Take a good, long look in the mirror. What do you see through YOUR window???

– Champions understand and believe that their limitations are governed only by their imagination. They perform and practice with controlled intensity and never allow failure on any given day to take away from their eventual SUCCESS

– Champions look at any loss or setback as a tool by which they can learn and motivate themselves to even greater levels of performance. Pity those who belittle or underestimate a champion’s ability to bounce back from short-term failures. Those who do will barely have time to notice the breeze made when a champion passes them by. You see, true champions believe that they control their destiny, and luck has little to do with what they will ACCOMPLISH…

Greatness comes from people who measure themselves based on what they must do to accomplish what they want, not on what others do. Convincing yourself that you are doing your best because you do more than most, when you are basing your ability and work ethic on what the average person is doing, will make you just that…AVERAGE!!!

Find your weaknesses…turn them into strengths…know your strengths and master them…within that quest there is no failure…only improvement…and one’s true potential.

Talent helps one more easily walk a path to success…BUT…without strong commitment, dedication, perseverance, heart and an impeccable work ethic (among other vital intrinsic pieces) it guarantees absolutely nothing!!!

True Champions…are not arrogant, but exhibit a quiet confidence that demonstrates the belief they have in themselves. They know that it is the little things that separate the good from the great and the great from the BEST.